Social responsibility - SA 8000

Summary: The standard for Social Accountability SA 8000 has been developed by SAI (Social Accountability International) for a social responsible company management. It basis on the human rights conventions of the United Nations and covers the compliance of human rights regarding working conditions and the treatment of employees.


The essential points here are:


  • Prohibition of child and forced labor
  • Prohibition of discrimination due to race, gender and religion
  • Right to freedom of association, organization in unions and collective negotiations about wages
  • Fixing the maximum working time per week 48 hours, maximum of 12 hours of overtime on voluntary basis
  • Guaranty of wages securing the existence
  • Claiming and Introducing of humanely working conditions
  • Guaranteed compliance of these conditions by efficient management systems


Target of the standard: Creation of socially acceptable working conditions throughout the entire production chain.


For whom?: For every company no regardless of size or industry-sector




  • TÜV-Certificate grants competitive and image advantages.
  • Improvement of the confidence from the network of suppliers.
  • Improvement of the employees‘ confidence and satisfaction.
  • Good integration opportunities into existing management systems.