Dipl. Ing. Feridoon Sergizzarea
President & CEO


"Since the establishment of the first office in Italy, I can proudly say that MTIC InterCert and TÜV InterCert today are mindful of the client’s needs and pioneers in the market's innovation; determined in keeping a close bond with our historical roots, we become at the same time a technical point of reference in offering tangible and innovative solutions for professional and business growth. In a few years, thanks to a competent and passionate team, we reached an important goal, placing ourselves among the leaders in Testing-Inspection-Certification (TIC) with customers in more than 60 countries around the world "

MTIC InterCert and TÜV InterCert offer innovative solutions that are personalized for each business sector and provide a 360 degree services to organizations that want a reliable partner with cross-disciplinary skills.

TESTING | Qualified and accredited partner laboratories carry out tests on finished components and products, according to regulatory and legislative requirements, ensuring maximum safety and compliance.

INSPECTION | Specialized technical team carry out inspections directly to the company, verifying compliance with regulations and technical requirements to ensure their safety and compliance.

CERTIFICATION | The wide world of system, product and people certifications to meet the requirements of international standards, European Directives (ex. CE marking) and national regulations.